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    New Recordings!

    May 2017

    Ok folks - here we go!
    Again this has taken way too much time. But sorry, it seems we just can't do any faster - what started about fifteen months ago slowly comes to an end - yes, theres a light at the end of the tunnel!

    We were not really sure how to do this, wait until all songs are finished (naw, too long) or make a physical cd (even longer while being too expensive and presumably having too little sales). So we decided to put out the songs just when they are ready to make sure you dont forget us

    So please take a closer listen at the first two, Shelter" and "Moment of Silence, the latter being the first song in our history that would be short enough to finally get some airplay gasp-Emoticon:o)
    "My Own Private Hell" is about to be mixed, "Driven By Hatred and Victim of Circumstances are still missing a couple of tracks, and the yet untitled song is still in the writing stage. Who knows, there might be more...
    Its pretty nice not to have any pressure to get a specific playing time or any deadlines, but to just go on and write / record / publish as it flows

    Another long discussion was how do we "sell" those songs to you. Pay per song, pay for the EP, completely free?

    As you know, we put quite some time and a lot of passion into these recordings, so completely free would be kind of stupid - of course we had our expenses and, as any other working being, like to be paid for what we do. In the end we decided to do this on some kind of donation base - you pay what you think is fair to give via paypal (paypal@atmosfear.net).

    A HUGE thank you goes out to our good friend DJ Hamu, who took over mixing and mastering when we were kind of stuck. We think he does an amazing job, with the sound being so transparent and dynamic, we really like it (well, otherwise I wouldnt be sitting here writing this, would I)

    So check for yourself - and keep on spreading the word!

    Thanks for your patience and support!

    Regarding newsletter and stuff - we 'd recommend you follow us on facebook ;O)


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    New Livedate!

    March 2015

    now that has taken quite a lot of time...again...

    I'm happy to announce that we'll be playing the fabulous Marx in Hamburg once again on the 28th of November (2015!)!
    We've waited that long to be able to present a couple of new songs - which we'll do!
    Further infoshere

    Hope to see loads of you there!!


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    Guestbook and Newsletter

    March 2015

    On to the bad news...

    Our provider changed the system of both our guestbook and the newsletter - we're not able to send any newsletters at the moment but we're trying to figure it out and solve both problems...

    Sorry for that!
    Maybe you follow us on facebook to keep in touch and to get all the news.

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    Problem with Newsletterdatabase

    February 2013

    Hi there,
    unfortunately we've experienced technical difficulties with our newsletter-database
    which means most of your adresses are lost...
    please do sign up again to stay up-to-date!

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    Latest News

    February 2013

    Ok, I admit, it's been far too long since the last time we've posted something here - apologies for that.
    That doesn't mean nothing happened...
    First of all, we're still working on new songs (I know, we've been posting this for ages now), which takes its time for different reasons. But we're happy with the stuff that came out so far, more about that in the (near?) future.
    Regarding a couple of requests concerning concerts:
    Yes, we do want to do some gigs in the nearer future, but we don't want to bore you with the same old songs we've been playing for years -
    we want a couple of new ones in between. Keep your eyes open, the day will come...


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    "Loss of Hope" on Prog-Sphere's Progstravaganza 12!

    January 2013

    Hello there -
    Zenith track #2 "Loss of Hope" is featured on Prog-Sphere's current sampler "Progstravaganza 12" - check it out on Prog-Sphere - there's loads of other great tunes! \m/

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    June 2012

    We've done an interview with Mark from Progtopia:
    this way

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  1. Starting auction on ebay.com

    01 April 2011

    You can now place your bid for one week on ebay for our original backdrop. Check it out!

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  2. AtmOsfear on ebay.com

    21 March 2011

    Hi AtmOsfear-fans out there! AtmOsfear will be auctioning their original 2x3m (approx. 6.5' x 9.8') heavy canvas Backdrop on ebay.com starting April 1st (no, not kidding). It's been used by the band throughout the past eight years and comes with an autographed picture showing the band in front of it - proving it's the real one! This is a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to put your hands on this unique piece of AtmOsfear-memorabilia!

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  3. Tickets

    26 January 2011

    Tickets for the upcoming gig on february 18th can now be ordered here info@atmosfear.net

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  4. Gig in 2011!

    22 October 2010

    ... added to dates

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  5. Review Area

    04 August 2010

    We finally added "Zenith" to our Review Area!

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  6. facebook

    24 June 2010

    As I am a little bored I started the official AtmOsfear on facebook. Feel free to join us -
    Stay connected to the Atmosfear!

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  7. Still alive

    10 June 2010

    but unfortunately we don't have a rehearsalroom at the moment, which means, uhm - well, we can't rehearse.
    We hope to get back in action later this summer so we can eventually enter the stage around November/December
    Stay tuned!

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  8. Presskit

    23 January 2010

    It is done - the promised presskit is ready to be downloaded. You can find two sizes at the bottom of the bio-section, being approx. 6 MB & 12 MB. They both consist of a zipped pdf-file containing a bio, discography and a couple of printable pics.

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  9. Airplay

    16 January 2010

    This is pretty cool: Yesterday we got an airplay on Bruce Dickinson's (Iron Maiden) Friday Rock Show on BBC6 with "Loss Of Hope" from our new album! Click here for the playlist or listen to his last show!

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